Sway Village Hall is putting film on your doorstep with their new cinema

Film:New Forest proudly supports the grand opening of Sway Cinema on Saturday 29th September. Be sure to pop along to the pre-launch on Saturday 29th at Sway Village Hall before they officially launch on 5th October.

There will be 2 films screened on Saturday 29th free of charge, but a small donation would be gratefully appreciated. Doors open at 3pm where a short presentation will be shown and any feedback is welcome. This will then be followed by the film Early Man at 3:45pm. Doors open for the second film at 6:45pm for another small presentation and feedback session before Finding Your Feet is shown at 7:30pm.

Sway Village Hall’s website is also being re-developed with the cinema pages being a prominent part of this new site. In the October edition of Sway News you will find all the details of how to purchase tickets for the new regular events at Sway Village Hall.

On Friday 5th October the first ticketed real-live cinema event will take place at Sway Village Hall. The Darkest Hour will be shown to celebrate this momentous occasion. Hot on its heels on 20th October will be The Greatest Showman.

Please consult the new Sway Village Hall website by following the link below, to find full details of these screenings including timings and the cost of tickets. The website also has full details of all that goes on at the venue as well. Alternatively tickets can be purchased over the counter at Sway Deli.

Click here to see the new Sway Village Hall website.

Best of luck to the Sway team! Film:New Forest very much looks forward to working with you in the future.