Location Owners

This page has helpful information to assist location owners when registering their property.

The service we offer is free and we do not charge the production company, or the location owner any fees to help set up the filming.

Registering your property - how it works

Once you have registered your property, if the office receives an enquiry for your location, we will contact you by email with details of the filming project and to see if you would like to be involved.

There is no obligation to accept any potential filming.

If you accept, we will introduce the film’s Location Manager to you who will normally want to arrange a visit. We also leave you to negotiate your fees and terms.

Making your property stand out as a filming location

Think about the specific aspects of your property that would make it of interest to a location scout: they are not just looking for pretty cottages and scenic views but also industrial and farm buildings (including derelict ones), working landscapes, quirky staircases and unusual houses to name but a few.

Next time you watch a TV programme, think about the number of different locations used; many of these will be filmed in locations very similar to your own and it will emphasise that location scouts are looking for a huge range of locations.

To catch the attention of a location scout please ensure you provide a detailed description of your property and its features, and you include good quality photos of the features you describe.

The description should also include the following:

  • Type of property and location (for example Georgian/rural countryside etc)
  • Parking details and road access (tarmac/gravel or if additional parking is nearby)
  • Access to and in the property (such as steps/ramps)
  • Features of your property (for example garden/cellar/loft/stables) with number of rooms / dimensions if possible
  • Include anything unique about your property (for example: an icehouse, swimming pool, particular historic features etc)

Before you begin

Before you begin to upload your location details, watch our short video for information on how to market your property and what location scouts are looking for in their initial search.

How Film:New Forest responds to enquiries

When we receive an enquiry from a location scout, we put together an online ‘brochure’ of potential locations. This provides examples of the descriptions and photos needed to promote a location.

Toolkit for Location Owners

Before you upload your location details it is important you understand what hosting a film or TV production company will involve. Our Toolkit for Location Owners explains the process in detail and also outlines what you will need to ask the production company for in terms of evidence of insurance, risk assessments etc.