Register your property as a filming location

register locationIf you register your property as a filming location you can earn as much as £1,000 a day, whilst commercial and industrial properties can be worth a lot more.

Whatever type of property you own, you may be able to make money by offering up your home, business, or land for filming. The Film:New Forest office receives a wide variety of filming enquiries and we are always looking for new venues to add to our location database.

Before you start the registration process, visit the location owners page, where there are some hints and tips about how the filming enquiry process works and how to market your property to location scouts.

You can also download our Location Owner Toolkit which explains what to expect from film and TV productions using your location.

We’re not promising that Hollywood film stars will be walking through your house tomorrow…but they certainly won’t unless you register your property and promote what your location has to offer to film makers.

You will also need to keep the details up to date and regularly add new photos that show your location in different seasons or being used for different purposes.

If you wish to wish to remove your location from our database, please let us know in writing at

Register your property as a filming location on the New Forest database

To register, we need some information about you and your property, and your permission to display your location to interested parties. Learn more about how your information will be used.

If you have previously registered a location and need help with your reference and password contact us.