Aerial and panoramic footage of the New Forest

Filming with drones, also known as Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), is becoming popular as they provide high-production value shots and flexibility with minimum disruption on the ground.

New Forest District Council has aerial and panoramic footage of the towns and villages within the district.

This footage can be viewed on our towns and villages of the New Forest pages.

Flying a Droneaerial footage

All drone filming is the sole responsibility of the drone operator, including all health and safety provisions, as well as copyright, privacy and nuisance considerations.

Depending on your launch site and where you will fly the drone you may need the express permission of the landowner, as follows:

Unsure who owns the land you wish to film on contact us.

Drone flights from or over open heathland, unfenced roads and land managed by Forestry England (Crown Land)

Please note that there is a strict no fly zone over Crown Land managed by Forestry England. This in effect includes the open unfenced areas of the New Forest. Further details can be found on the Forestry England website.

Drone flights from or over private property

You do NOT need a Drone Permit if you launch and or land your drone on private property but must seek the owner’s consent.

Drone flights from or over New Forest District Council managed land

New Forest District Council (NFDC) merely grants permits for launching or landing sites on NFDC managed land, such as beaches. The actual flight is the sole responsibility of the drone operator.

If you wish to fly a drone for commercial, film or survey purposes within any of New Forest District Council’s public open spaces, you must contact us to attain permission before your flight.

A permit from New Forest District Council to launch or land a drone merely grants permission to use a specific location and the operator agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified New Forest District Council against any claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, damages, losses and expenses howsoever arising as a consequence of the drone flight, including but not limited to damage to the location and personal injury or death to any person howsoever caused in connection with the drone operation under a New Forest District Council issued drone use permit.

You can apply for a Drone Permit from New Forest District Council by contacting the Film:New Forest office.

You will need to submit the following documentation from your drone operator:

  • Flyer Identification, Operator Identification
  • Risk Assessment/Method statement
  • Public Liability Insurance


No-Fly Zones

You can find links to apps and websites for airspace restriction information on the CAA website that may be useful.

There is additional information regarding Drones on the Filming in England Website.

Find a local drone pilot

There are several drone pilots in the New Forest. Take a look at the local crew and production services page.