Educational Seminar with Caroline Sax

Film: New Forest and Creative England ran an educational seminar at Careys Manor on Wednesday 28th February 2018. The seminar was mainly aimed at young people local to the district with a passion for film but anybody else who wanted to learn more about the industry was more than welcome to attend. It was a brilliant turn out with students from Brockenhurst and Totton College and as a result some effective networking took place.

Caroline Sax, strongly recommended and put forward by Creative England, lead the educational seminar. Caroline Sax, Chief Executive Officer of The Hampshire Picture Company, has had an incredible career in the film industry, working with some inspirational and well-known actors and working on over 40 feature films. Her passion for the industry is clear and her knowledge is impeccable as she passes this on to the audience. She stresses the importance of networking in the industry and encourages the students to get out there and make contacts with whomever they meet. On the other hand Caroline was also keen to make students aware of how tough the industry can be in the hope to inspire those who really want it, to go after it.

In the second half of the seminar Caroline delved into the roles within the film industry and explained to the audience each one in as much detail as she could. She started with the job descriptions of the Editor, Director and Producer, specifically looking at the roles they are each responsible for. Caroline pulled from her own experience here to teach the audience how every role has to work together to enable the team to create the directors vision and turn it into a reality. From the creative teams right through to the admin and finance departments, they all have to be working towards the same goal throughout the filming process in order to make the project an overall success. Caroline touched on this process and the tasks involved from pre-production, filming the production and post-production.

Caroline Sax gave an insightful presentation into this exciting industry but only touched the surface on the amount of work and people that go into making a film a success. Speaking to the audience afterwards gave Film: New Forest many opportunities on ways to build the filming profile in the district and what young people want to see more of in the area.

“Anybody can use technology to make film, but you need to be story tellers.” Caroline Sax

For more information on The Hampshire Picture Company please follow the link below.