Film Offices UK

Film Offices: UK Remit and Purpose

Established in August 2013, Film Offices UK acts as a forum in which qualifying independent Film Offices across the UK can share information, best practice, and evaluate current industry trends.


A Film Office is a not-for-profit service wholly or partly funded by local and/or combined authorities with a dedicated member of staff resourced to support film and TV production of all types proactively and reactively without prejudice.

They provide a single point of contact with industry knowledge, building a network within the authority and the local area, and troubleshoot where necessary.

Membership Fee

There is currently no annual membership fee.


The FO:UK Chair is elected annually in December. They manage all central administration, communication and financial tasks for the forum, as well as act as the central contact for enquiries and Production Guild membership.


  • Meetings will be held quarterly online – members of the group must attend at least one meeting per year.
  • When meetings are held in person, the Chair will ensure these are convened in an easily accessible location, ideally at a time that ensures everyone can travel off peak.
  • Prior to a meeting, the Chair will determine whether there are enough members planning to attend in order to proceed.
  • The Chair shall be responsible for setting out and distributing agendas.
  • The Chair shall be responsible for chairing and recording meetings.
  • After each meeting, the Chair shall distribute a summary of the meeting and any action points.

The Production Guild Membership (PGM)

Film Offices: UK holds an affiliate membership with The Production Guild.

Members of FO:UK may take advantage of this and contribute to this membership.

  • The cost for affiliate membership will be split equally between participating FO:UK members.
  • The Chair will administer membership – submitting or renewing the application, collecting membership fees from participants, and then paying for the membership in full.
  • Affiliate membership gives FO:UK four user accounts and entitles up to four FO:UK delegates to attend any one PG member event.
  • All participating FO:UK members can be listed on the affiliate page of the website and promote themselves as a PG affiliate.
  • PGM runs alongside the financial year. Therefore, any film office wanting to join must do so at the start of the year.

Other relevant events

Film Offices UK is not limited to meetings and joint PGM and can explore other, mutually beneficial joint ventures, such as event attendance at the Focus Show.

The lead office is currently the Kent Film Office.

For more information about the Film Offices: UK group, please contact Kent Film Office on 0300 0422 000 or email

The Film Offices: UK group consists of the following offices which facilitate filming in their local areas: